DANIELLE Lussier, photographer

“Mary Catherine has a gift of motivating others to fulfill their full potential. She is especially good at bringing clarity out of the confusion that occurs when the desires of our hearts are conflicting. Mary Catherine helps discern our deepest wants and goals, and then gives practical advice in how to work toward them. She is insightful and inspiring!"


Monica Kennedy, writer

"Mary Catherine is fabulous -professional, encouraging, insightful. Her coaching has brought joy to the once-bland path of working towards my goals. I recommend her without reservations.”




caitlin, Writer and Mother

“I began coaching with Mave because I was intrigued by what I saw her pursue - creative endeavors with a joyful curiosity. Her coaching style prompted to me reflect on the life I wanted to live and how I could begin to live it. What I appreciated most is that she listened and through keen insights and the right questions led me to explore the ways I wanted to express myself creatively and how to find the time and space to do it. If you're ready to make the most of your gifts in a new way (and, as Mave would say, with a spirit of playfulness), I highly recommend talking with Mave!"


“I came to Mave seeking help for my struggle with organization and keeping a better maintained work space. This was very important to me, because it kept me from being able to enjoy life to the fullest, and it even impacted my spiritual life. Mave helped me to see areas that were holding me back, such as feelings of being overwhelmed and a sense of hopelessness of ever being able to conquer the clutter. Whenever I face a challenge now in this area, and other areas of my life, I hear her voice reminding me that I can do it and helping me to visualize my goals. I thank Mave for her coaching and her wisdom.”




"When I started working with Mave I was struggling in my career and was solely focused on finding a new job that would meet me where I was in life. I had no idea that I would be embarking on a truly life-changing journey. Every session was eye-opening though often very challenging. Mave is compassionate, her attentiveness is resolute, and her ability to get to the root of the issues is remarkable. Mave's unique insight and attention to the not-so-obvious helped me to confront my energy drains, articulate my true self and my desires, and address my fears. I have been able to accept my better self and grow in self-confidence I did not think was possible. In less than three months of working with Mave I had transformed more than I had in ten years of traditional therapy. Mave has been a gift in my life."

nathan, life coach

“Mave is a great source of support in my life. As I journey towards success in business and personal life she has walked alongside me to keep me on track. A huge gift she offers is to help nurture and strengthen the greatness I have within but often neglect to see.”



Patricia, Sleep Consultant and Mother

"When I began with Mave, I knew I wanted to experience personal growth, but did not know what that looked like. I wanted to get "unstuck" out of my current way of living, but I was challenged by the lack of support in making those changes. But now, I am living a new life with intentional ways of being in my relationships, family, and myself. Mave created a safe space and support for me to make those changes."



lindsay, physican & mother

"Prior to meeting Mave, I had a lifelong experience working with spiritual advisors and therapists/counselors, who helped me gain strength in my path of life towards becoming a compassionate daughter/sister, medical doctor, wife and now mother. Each guided me through many life transitions, but I had yet to work with a life coach, and Mave entered my life at a most exciting and vulnerable time. She helped guide me through a HUGE life transition back to a home space where my boyfriend (and now husband) and I chose to return to establish a life together (after 3.5 years of a long distance relationship). Mave helped me redirect my focus from the stress of another move, a new position at an academic institution, and laying a relationship foundation... towards a focus on my connection with God. Through our coaching relationship, I meditated on establishing a sense of self where I learned my inner strength came from above rather than on earth. I truly felt a calling towards a purposeful path, to shine brightly, as HE calls me to do in all that I do. A happiness was found in the process. She and I built my foundation of strength that I carry today: 2 years into my new position, married with our first child, and with a spiritual awareness and strength I otherwise may not have found so quickly without Mave's guidance. I am truly grateful for my journey with Mave, after which, I am a contemplative and thoughtful physician, a supportive and caring wife, and a compassionate daughter/sister and new mother. Thank you Mave!"

vanessa, Life Coach

"When I started working with Mave I was in a place of confusion and denial of what I truly needed to focus on in my business. Through working with Mave I realized that I am worthy of the gifts I have to offer.  I now feel confident in the work I came to do, and I am no longer in denial. Mave is a talented transformational coach who has helped me to step into my power."


"Mave has a gift for deeply listening and accompanying her clients. Mave helped me to integrate my whole self - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mave also invited me to grow by letting go of negative ways of thinking which were keeping me from living the life I want to live. I am filled with gratitude for the way Mave walked with me towards greater freedom. If you have the opportunity to work with Mave, I highly recommend doing so."


"When I met Mave, I wanted to gain joy, energy and resilience in light of an upcoming challenge: I wanted to have another child, and I knew from past experience that upcoming fertility treatments would likely leave me emotionally and physically exhausted. Two years after our introductory call, I am celebrating the one year birthday of that dear baby. I have more of the joy, energy and resilience I wanted; not only that, I have learned so much about myself and gained tools to support my family and myself. I am ever grateful for the gift of Mave’s work with me."