You Were Created To Live


Each of us has been created with a special mission, purpose, and calling -a calling to live an abundant life. Whether a business professional, artist, or stay at home mom, each of us is created to live life to the full.

Created to Live coaching has been "created" to help you more deeply discover who you are and to encourage and challenge you to be who you have been created to be.



Mary Catherine “Mave” is a mentor and life coach, who journeys alongside individuals to help them discover their purpose and to live life to the full. She particularly enjoys supporting and challenging others to live more creatively in everyday life and helping individuals realize their dreams to achieve their fullest potential.


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Mary Catherine has a gift of motivating others to fulfill their full potential. She is especially good at bringing clarity out of the confusion that occurs when the desires of our hearts are conflicting. Mary Catherine helps discern our deepest wants and goals, and then gives practical advice in how to work toward them. She is insightful and inspiring!
— Danielle