You are created for LIFE!


You are not created for a daily grind, a never-ending hustle, or a monotony of daily life. In whatever your circumstances, you can experience joy and live fullness of life. You can live fully alive and express all the dreams you hold deep inside.

The heart of Created to Live comes from my own heart’s desire for you. It is my hope that you come to know who you truly are and discover that it is possible for you to live a life of abundance and joy. Whatever your dreams and goals and desires, and whatever your life circumstances and limitations, it is possible for you to live well. You can live better. You can live joy. You can live fully alive.

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Mary Catherine “Mave” is a mentor and life coach, who journeys alongside individuals to help them discover their purpose and to live life to the full. She particularly enjoys supporting and challenging others to live more creatively in everyday life and helping individuals realize their dreams to achieve their fullest potential.

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Be brave

It’s time for you to be brave perhaps in a new way that you have never been brave before. You will need courage to step into newness of life and take risks in order to go for what you truly want. It will require openness to moving outside of your comfort zone, but you can do this. Be brave. 

Be True

Be who you are. “True self living” is choosing to live and flourish as your best and most authentic self. It is the process of discovering more deeply who you are and choosing to become the person you have been created to be. It takes a commitment, honesty, and vulnerability to show up in the truth of who you are and who you are becoming. Be true. 

Be free 

The goal is for you to live in deeper freedom. As you commit to living your best life in courage and truth, the doors will open for you into amazing opportunity and possibility as you lean into realizing your dreams. You can experience freedom to be your true self and to express who you are. Be free.

Live Joy

Joy is the greatest outcome that my clients experience through working with me. By incorporating a “spirit of play” in our daily lives we deepen our ability to create, explore, discover and experiment. The experiences of life become fun. We remember how to play again. Regardless of your current challenge or limitation, you can experience and live joy. This is all very possible for you and I can help you. Contact me and let’s begin. Live Joy.


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Mary Catherine has a gift of motivating others to fulfill their full potential. She is especially good at bringing clarity out of the confusion that occurs when the desires of our hearts are conflicting. Mary Catherine helps discern our deepest wants and goals, and then gives practical advice in how to work toward them. She is insightful and inspiring!
— Danielle

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Mary Catherine is a writer and contributor to the women’s ministry Blessed is She.
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